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Strip club (need guys advice)

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Okay, me and my boyfriend have been in a 2 year relationship. He is wonderful to me and we been through bad and good. we realized what we have and we will never leave eachother. He used to lie a lot to me in the past (were over that) and i act like id like to go to strip clubs so i look like a ccool girlfriend. But really, i get really jealous.. He says he never went... and hes 18 and i honestly feel hes lying... well i never thought he was til his friend was talkin about it and was like yeah i think scott went once... (he isnt for sure) it just upset me alittle but i feel he didnt than i feel he had a history of lying maybe he is lying. POINT BLANK... i made a huge fight and i threatened to never talk to him again. He keeps calling and hes upset. I mean... i love him and i wont ever leave him, i just dont want to loose him. IM a jealous person and im pretty but... im not as pretty as strippers and i want to be the best for him... its just... im such a bitch sometimes... please guys help me... what do i do, how do i go about it, and how do i deal with the fact that HE HAS CHANGED AND WHY DO I KEEP TRYING TO FIND THINGS TO FIGHT ABOUT...is it me or is it him... please i need you guys... i love him he loves me ... someone please im desperate...the way ive been going about things... just...dont seem to work

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i'm sure every guy (with enough cash) will hit a strip club at least once in his lifetime, and have seen porn. it's an "eye" thing with men.


it's not a nice thing to tell your girlfriend, so you fudge, and fudge some more. and you get found out eventually cos secrets leak.


and because you always blow up, he's had to do more and more stealth activities. so either you accept that he's a jerk (ie. not up to your high standards of monogamy) and live with it, or find someone else who will treasure you properly.


now, treasure means knowing how and being able to love you in the way that you need to be loved. for a jealous person, that's one man that's hard to find

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Hey MissJBug


I sort of know how you feel, in my last relationship I got jealous alot for no real reason, I mean my g/f never really did much to make me suspect anything. I got in a couple fights with her over me being jealous because if things my friends said.


It sounds to me like your boyfriend is telling the truth but I don't know for sure. If he's really changed then I would believe him if i were you. Don't get onto an argument over something your friend told you. I think the reason you seem to try to pick fights with him is just because you feel jelous for some reason and your looking for a reason for it. I know cause I used to be real jealouse for no reason alot. You just have to trust your partner, if you guys are really in love then you should have a very trusting relationship.


Oh yea and about that last post, not all guys will go into a strip club once in their life. But I think most of us do look at porn or have before.

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thanks a lot everyone. i know he looks at porn, because we do together, its fun sometimes. but...as for the strip club. i wish i could just go and be a cool girlfriend, but id be to jealous because im too insecure (i have to find myself before i do anything) ... thanx a lot everyone

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I dont think that you should worry alot about him going to strip clubs i think it is kinda normal for a 18 yr old to go to a strip club you shouldnt worry so much, its not like he is cheating on you just try to get him to not go too much and im sure everything will be ok.

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