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Memories of the first time we kissed keep haunting me!

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I've been broken up for a week now for a girl I've known for 5 years (we're both 21) but only dated for 3 months. Things were pretty serious for the 3 month mark. We ended peacefully and are now friends again.


Anyway, aside from the natural heartache after a breakup...I find that whenever I think of the first time we kissed I lose it. It's like my heart splits in two when I remember how everything was so perfect at that point in our relationship. I do this with every break up. Bummer.



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You're doing better than me. If I could afford it I would torch all I have and move to another state. Everything makes me feel that way. Everything I see around me makes me think of those times because we had a lot of the. We had a lot of bad times too, but everyone does……..


Well I wasn't going to just right about me, but I seem to have forgotten what it was that I was going to say.


I remember now. You just have to work through it.

(and be glad that you don't think like I do)

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I'm glad you could stay friends with your ex. When I hear certain songs on the radio I too think about my ex. But it gets easier and easier each and every day. YOu think about them first thing in the morning, but eventually in a few weeks to months you won't. Key is you will get over this and eventaully the thought of your kiss will be a good memory that won't have this effect on you.

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Yeah...i have that problem too...sometimes I think about how great my relationship was with my ex....and a lot of times I do miss it...initailly when my ex broke up with me I was a mess...I was really depressed cuz I was so wrapped up in him. Back then it felt like I had nothing after he broke up with me...But then I begin to realize that it was his loss....I guess the best thing is time...and over time I've found that im coping with it better...I try to look at it as being one step closer to finding your true love.

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