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should I break up ?


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I'm an American of Indian descent. I've been enagaged to an Indian girl for about 6 months now. My mom and my fiance's parents are conservative Indian folks who got us to agree to get engaged - so we got enaged when we I was visiting my mom in India. I haven't formally proposed to my fiancee, but we connect great. However, I'm not sure if she's the person I want to spend my life with. We're living together currently, but I'm having doubts. To complicate matters further, we are both doctoral students in the same department and the same laboratory - so breaking up is going to be real hard. I don't have a clue how we would be able to share the same workplace/workgroup. I was considering moving to another graduate school sometime ago, but this school works best career-wise - I really don't want to move anywhere else. I've known her for 2 years and she's a good girl, but I don't know if we should carry on. There's more: I've lived in India for more than 10 years, so I was still getting used to being back in the US (I was born in CT), so culturally we connected well initially, but now it appears to me that we've drifted apart. I'm 23 and I don't know how to handle this.


I would really appreciate some advice,


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