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I need some advice... is this love or just friendship??

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Last year, this guy who lived accross the hall from me started hanging around me all the time. At first, I didn't have any feelings for him, but I got the feeling that he did. As time went on, I started to like him. Everyone around us would ask me if something was going on b/c he was always in my room. His friends would make weird comments when we would be around each other..but then sometimes things would happen where I thought he didn't like me at all. We flirted a lot, but that's all that happened. He made a comment that he didn't want to have a relationship with anyone who lived so close to him. So the year went on, and we did things together and just stayed good friends. We would watch tv together, and just hang out. Over the summer, he called my cell phone but then said he called the wrong girl, who had the same name as me. My friends told me that he probably meant to call me, but just chickened out or something. I've seen him a lot since we came back to school, and he would just hit my shoulder and be like "hey you" and just smile. I get the feeling that he does have feelings for me, which I thought he did all along..just by the way he looks at me. But, could this all just be friendship feelings that I'm confusing with stronger feelings?? I just don't understand that if he does have feelings for me, why he's not doing anything.. I tell myself that if he did like me, he'd do something..but maybe he wouldn't. Any advice or anything?? Thanks

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That is the best way for you to find out. He might be shy with his feelings tword you that is where I will put my money. Next time you two are hanging out alone talk to him and tell him how you feel, or you could just ask him on a date. It is just up to you on how to tell him. Well I hope that this helps you and good luck.

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Thanks for the advice.. I think he does know that I have feelings for him. Well, he definitely knew last year, but I'm not sure if he still thinks I like him. I'm just really scared to say something because even though I think he might like me, I'm not really sure. He actually asked me to the movies last year with him and his friends, and I said I definitely wanted to go...but when the time came, I asked him if we were still going and he just looked down at the ground and mumbled that his friends didn't want to go. I found out later that they did go to the movie, but it was sold out. Is there anything I can look for while I'm with him to tell if he is just thinking of me as a friend or as a girlfriend? I guess I'm just afraid of thinking he does like me when he just likes me as a friend. thanks

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