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help me urgently

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I take it you know this girl in person too? Be subtle and don't just spill your guts to her, it'll most likely freak her out. Just ask if she wants to do something some time, nothing major, like just grab a bite to eat and if she says yes, probe her with gentle questions. Ask her if she has a boyfriend and if she doesn't then your in with a chance, besides your friends already so you should know her interests and communicate. Start off small first though.

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Talk to her, and let her know how you feel with out dumping your heart on the table, you might want to ease it into the conversation. Tell her you really like her, and want to get to know her better, but don't blurt out that you're in love with her. That's an easy way to get hurt. Let her know that you're interested and see if she returns the favor. If she doesn't, respect her decision and try to continue on as friends.

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