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Smile and smile then walk away ..huh

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Hi entered my tutorial class, and this girl sitting there who I had never met before just gave me a real big smile , so I smiled back and she smiled again .


I ran into her at the entrance of the library she was leaving and I was entering before I could say anything she just looked smiled and walked of like shyly ..i was like totally left standing there.


So what does her smile mean and I mean a real big smile … does she like me or find me attractive , I mean ive never seen her before , plus I don’t know anything about her .


So what should I make of it , should I actively pursue her (I am very shy but if I know someones interested then I make a effort) I find her really nice thought I am not finicky about looks or anything I am more of a personality person. Like ive been told that I am cute but I don’t think of myself like that as its not a priority with me as far others are concerned.


So what should I do ??


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I think that you should go for her. But as beening shy I would sugest that you try to become her friend first. Take her to a coffie house and talk to her. I have a question are you guys in collage or highschool? Then I can help you from there.

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Ok I am to shy when just walking up to a stranger so this is what I would do. I would try to sit by her in class if you can but not too close, and when class is over fallow her out of class when you are leaving say "hey my name is shyguy24 and you are?" She will respond with her name. Then you say "would you like to go get come coffie with me?" If she says yes then you small talk about class, ask her where she is from. If she is not from this city/town ask "so how do you like it here?" and things like that. But if she says No to the coffie thing ask things about the class what classes she has and thing like that. Most people will keep talking to you as long there is no place to go. If she has class walk with her to class dont for get the small talk. After that next time you see her askk her how her class are going and things like that. Just be friendly with her. I think you should try this. During this you should get a feel on how she feels about you.

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Well when I first met her I felt she was almost so shy that it embarrassed her , and the funny part is that I am a pretty shy in the beginning of like


meeting people , I would like to talk to her but if she is so shy then how


do I do it .. any tips on approaching shy girls I mean I don’t want to offend her but at the same time atleast get to know her.



i mean i dont want to look stupid

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Approch her like you would like to be approched that is the only thing that I can say. I dont think that you will offend her, would it offend you if some girl you thought was cute walked up to you and started to talk to you? Just put your self in her place.

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Go for it Shyguy, you've mentionned many times before your difficulty with interacting with others. Now is your chance, go for it. It may not work and it may work. As long as you try buddy, that's all there is to it. Practice makes perfect and it will come easier next time.


Good luck buddy trust yourself,



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