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I don't understand why me but not our other friend ...?

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ok, here is my situation. I have friends that I email to and joke around with. Me and my bf sent a b-day ecard to our friend. No big deal. I like this guy alot and anyway I got an automatic reply from his email acct. 'casue he was out of town, but my bf didn't. He opened my email a couple of days after I sent it but he didn't open my bf's until a few days later. I have written to him but no response from him yet. I don't understand why he would put me on his list for auto reply but not our other friend and open my card earlier then he opened hers and then doesn't repsond to my attempt to "talk" to him. Help from anyone plz!!

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an auto reply is generally only sent to someone that is in your address book... maybe your bf's address isn't in his main address book. and maybe he is still out of town and this is why he hasn't replied to you talking to him. I think that was what you were asking, your post is a little confusing hope that helps a bit anyways

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