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Working with a Physco

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I've this problem with this Guy at work "Mark" I've worked with him for about 5 years, since I left school!


When I went into this job with 7 other employees including employers I had really low confidence, I was hopeing it would help my confidence, But it didn't because of my superviser "mark"

Mark is a very depressed and angry person, he is known for his violents and is also known for beating his girl friends up. Hes done many years in prison for GBH too!

He seems to have a problem controling himself, and if you ever meet him you'll find he's one of these people that are unable to help them selves.


He always made me do jobs I was uncapable of onsite by myself that made me feel embarressed. He would then tell me off for not doing jobs correctly which I had no Idea about. Thing is no matter how hard you try to get through to him to say you carn't do it. he woun't except it.


I eventually ended up having a nervious breakdown I was out of work for around a year, I could not do anything my confidence was so low.

My work knew I was ill because of him.

He has attacked me at work twice, I always remember him throwing a screw driver at me, and then said "if you tell anyone I did that and I have to go back to prison I will hunt you down and kill you with my own hands"

The higher up bosses don't help much to as marks brother the owner of the company and they just stick together, not many people I suppose would employ mark.

My confidence is still to low to go into a new job I just don't know what to do.

I'm not really scared of mark anymore, I can now stick up for myself I always try to avoid him, he just gets me so ANXIOUS and I go Dizzy.

The jobs he gets me to do are the ones he carn't do because hes not confident to do them himself.

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If he thretend (I have bad spelling so please exuse me) to kill you you need to tell the police about it. He should not be a manger and you should tell his bosses about it. Make shure that there is a writen recurd about you talking to them about it. So they cant say you havent talked to us about it if something goes down. One more thing you need a copy of it to just in case. Next time he gives you a job that you cant do tell him you cant do that job, make shure that outher people are around to hear you say that to him. Well I hope this helps you. I wish you the best of luck with this problem.

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Hi There !


Your confidence is too low to move into another job. Well, this time next week, your confidence will probably be lower again, and every other week you stay in this job, the same will occur.


You really need to get yourself away from this job, and business. THe guy has problems, and he is making them your problems as well as his own. It's surprising how long you have lasted.


Make arrangements to get a new job as soon as possible. I'm presuming that this guy knows where you live etc. so I wouldn't persue any legal action against him. Just get away from the place and move on with your life.


Hope this helps you some,

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