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New problem....


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Ok first I have to thank every one that has helped in the past. Well the new problem that just came up is..... Ok the girl that I am in love with we are not togeter yet and that is my problem becouse I am shy. Now to the real problem I was over at her house and I was in the front room playing with her best friends kids, and I gess she thoght I was not in this room and her best friend was. So shw was walking down the hall saying "Why do I have to love him so much" then she walked into the room and saw me there. Then she asked "where is (best friend)? I responded "down stairs" then she quickley left. So wtf is going on? this is killing me. I dont think she was talking about me. So what should I do? I am so sterest about it I cant eat or sleep. I havent seen her for a day now. Should I tell her how I feel? PLEASE help me with this problem. I am going crazy about it. ....... All help good and bad is wealcom.

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Ooooo that's tuff, cos how do you know who she chatting about,. Obviously you need to find out.

Ok this is what you can do…. Talk to her mate, that's the best person, just say I have a friend who really likes her and I need to know if she likes anyone else.

You can play it like that, cos you obviously to shy to face her, but its prob best so go in there and ask her mate.

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ok man this is what you need to do

tell her frined you like her and if she was talkin bout u if she was get her frined 2 try to set use to up that way its beta for ure shyness if she wasnt den tell her friend dus she tink u hav a chance if she says yes ask her 2 set u up

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First of all don’t jump to conclusions , but assume the worse she likes someone else and is uptight about it , you like her so you are uptight about it , solution to the problem first of all cool down take a long breath , don’t be nervous but now my friend is the moment of truth .. To go get your girl ..u want her u love her then whats there to worry about …go tell her because if she dosent feel the same it aint going to change .


I would do go bye her some flowers or whatever she likes ..go to her place and see her talk to her about how you feel about her and then give her the flowers.


Main thing is to keep cool and not make a big deal about it (I know it is but don’t show it) either way ..remember if it happens amazing but if it dosent then it aint the end of your life plus atleast she will know how you feel that’s always better then her not knowing , she might get to like you later .


Good luck (but enough talk go talk to her ) go with confidence (my opinion )


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ok here is an update. Well I went over to talked to her today but she was some what cold to me. We did not talk becouse she got called in to work right befor I went over. (It was her birth day to day all so) So I think that might be the reason that she was in a bad mood. Do you guys think I should talk to her best friend before I talk to her? I am planing to ask her out a date on Thursday and then ask her what is going on then. HELP ME!!

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Do u know her best friend really well to speakwith? if so i would mention to her what you heard that day and say has she got feelings for me. If not then just ask her out maybe thats what she is waiting for. Bye her a nice birthday present then ask her out. keep posted and Good Luck!

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Update well every thing fell through the floor, and for what I can see it is over even are friendship and that is what I will miss the most. But hey what can we do? Life go on right. I do wish her the best of luck in her life and I hope it is full of happyness for her. There is no hard feelings to her. Lets mark down aloss of a friend. That is the worse thing about going after a friend is that some times is ends the friendship too.

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