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I think i kinna mislead my new friend her...


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nyeh! i hate it when this happenz! This gurl likes me, but I like some other gurl that already has boyfriend. Homecomin is comin soon. I guess the girl that i like is goin with her boyfriend...so ill just ask the girl that likes me. nyeh, i thot, ill just ask her in a sweet romantic way...so i do that...and now this girl thinks that im interested in her as someone to share a relationship with...but i only wanna be frends with her! ahhh!!! how could i tell or show her that my intentions were not what she thought they were for?!?!? i seriously need help now...if she maybe pops a question at me, i dont wanna deny her, i need to handle it b4 that time!!! eeeeeekks

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well, telling her that you don't like her anymore than a friend could hurt her feelings. i think that when you talk to her next, say something that lets her know that you only want to go with her as a friend, nothing more. like maybe "im glad that me & you are going to the dance together, i always thought it was funner to go with a friend than a gf because if you break up later you won't regret anything" ....ok i know, bad example, but hopefully you get what im trying to say.

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well you asked her to the dance so she is "most likely" thinking you like her *somewhat More than a friend. or maybe not at all, Really i think you might be over re-acting just a bit, relax think to yourself...about if you can you be sure she likes you more than a friend, did she say it, Or has she mentioned her feelings for you, and (or) expressed them to you directly>?


that all plays an important roll, in the whole "Friends-2-Lovers" and besides you really have nothing to worry about here, you say she will ask you out...as a boyfriend, Well. In most cases my friend that is the mans job, and if you are just a "friend" now, and you don't capitalize on anything more than "friends" she will get the idea, In addition if she ask you why than did you take her to the dance, just casually say with a little charm, "well your important person, a friend that i enjoy spending time with" make sure you use the word friend..that will soften the Blow if you deliver it like that.

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answering your question about if she expressed her feelings to me, she did. She wrote a letter to me sayin she liked me and sorta asked me if she liked me in an indirect way...eeeeks...i like yur guys' way of breakin tha news to her, very slick...this is gonna be very hard to do tho cuz this news of her liking me has spread everywhere, including my frends...sigh

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