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Walkin with her

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I am in love with my friend, and I have told her. She told me that she likes me too, but she needs her space. I am sick and tired of waiting, so I said well I am gonna go on a walk with her, and am going to get her to tell me how she feels, and how I feel, once and for all. This is the last time, and she knows it. I am just wondering what to do, and how to go about it. Any pointers about anything? From ANYONE...

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whoaaaaa Hold on a sec.... that i think is the last thing you want to do. think about it my friend..your growing impatient and she is going to feel threatened by that feeling. think about this....


1.) asking her how she feels about you, is going to create tension, and unwanted emotions, because of you pressuring her and demanding an answer, that will make her back away. you don't want that...


2.) Getting her alone is the right way to tell her, But from the tone of your post, you sound angry, discouraged, and have hostility in your words....what ever you do don't be that way towards her. she did nothing wrong. remember she said she needs "Space" so allow her to have it.


3.) you come accross as demanding an answer. that Pushy sort of feeling is really throwing extra weight on her shoulders... and it is making you seem desperate, and girls don't like that, it's a cat mouse game, even if it's been a while and you haven't gotten a straight answer, that doesn't mean anything..listen it's better to be at least a Friend, than nothing at all.....i would wait this out, play it safe...i hope you read this before it's to late..

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The above poster is right, don't pressure her for an answer. It may not be fair what shes doing, but you don't want to make her feel uncomfertable. Give her her space, but don't devote all your time to her for now. I would suggest trying to meet some other women in the meantime. Its not fair for her to keep you waiting like that. When a women says what she told you, she's basically saying: "Theres a reason I don't want to go out with you right now, but I do like you, and I don't want you going out with other women." If it was meant to be, she'll come around.

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ok you know what.. i think i may have done what the original poster did and i think i made that mistake.. a big mistake.. i don't know how long you were going after this girl.. but i have been at least waiting for like a year when i asked her to "walk with me.. i got to tell you something".. i never intended to ask her out.. at least i never got to say what i was suppose to say to her.. basically i just wanted to tell her that i want to get to know her better as a friend... she told me that "i'm sorry i got a bf already" so i think i made that very big mistake for asking her i think i dunno if that's early.. so my 2 cents.



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So about 10 years you have known her, and about 6 months you have been liking her. Right? Ok if you tell her dont make it sound like you are demanding that she must go out with you. Or you will louse her forever and 10 years is a long time to have a friend. I hope that this helps

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