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What do i do?

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Well i have my ex-girlfriend we were an internet couple. Well we lasted a long time well we would have been a year in october 21 so a week ago i broke up with her cause i got a crush on her friend so i wanted to try with her. But i don't like her friend anymore because she gets all werid on me. Oh yeah and when me and my ex g/f talked before we had nothing to say. Well my brother asked her out before and he only did it to get me jealous but when she found out she was all mad. The problem is I miss my g/f alot i want her back and know i gone for a weel and my messenger isn't working so i can't tell her how i feel i know she would take me back but should i go back? I love her i just don't want to make her feel that i went back cause he friend didn't like me well she did but she not ready and stuff but thats not a the reason it all confusing I love my ex and want to be with her it just i don't know what to do. Please help me

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ok if i was in your shoes i would email your ex since your messenger isnt working and tell her how you feel and that you want her back and its not because her friend didnt want to go out with you its because you truly love her and miss her... if that doesnt work try something else anything that comes to mind try. if it doesnt work after a couple weeks then move on... hope this helps


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