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My saturdday night


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Hi everyone, well last night was the best night of my life. I was out with a friend adn we saw a group of guys our age acting stupid, so we honked and said hey. They tried to chase my car but we had turned. So me being me, i went back and beeped and said hey and yelled again. They all whistled and told us ot come back. Then i went around the block to get back on the main street and one was skateboarding on the street. He came up to the car and said hi im david, im 16, go to *this skool*. We said oo cool, whats up but then i had to go cuz a car was behind me and i said ill be right back. So we drove by again and my friend threw my cell phone number out the window and told them to call us. Well a minute later they called, and at first one said ur 2 are fat we not interested in youi. Well me and my friend were pissed and so upset at that.


But then a minute late davud called back and i was like what was that? and he was like omg thats so not even tru my friends dont even kno they are a$$holes.so we started talkin and he put his friend steve on and steve told us to come back and chill. But we told them we couldnt and stuff, because we really couldnt. But they kept calling and calling over and over tellin us to come back, and i felt so bad that we ccouldnt and he thought we were lying. They wanted us to pick them up, but i was nervous and i was on my way to a partyt. SO then at like 11 steve said that if we didnt pick him up he would never talk to me again and he said it cutely, not mean. So i said im sorry theres nothin i can do about it and i said thenm i guess i gotta go.


Well he did end up calling back again at around 12 30. And he kept tellin me to come see him, blah blah blah. Then he called about every hour or half hour until 3 in the mornin wen i missed his call. but the last time i talked to him, i was first talkin to this kid jo. And jo was liek COME CHILL, and being all rough and mean about it. Then i talked to steve and he was liek pleeeeeese ill givbe u a kiss if u come. And i was like im sorry i cant. And then i said give me ur cell phone number and ill call u back. ( i had already asked for his cell but i didnt have a pen, so i think he thought i really wasnt interested in him b/c i didnt save the number ) so he said i gave u my cell like 10 times, but ill give u my home number.....ready take it down. So he SLOWLY told me his number 2 numbers at a time. And then i said ok, and he said now read them back to me, so he was sure i had it. then i sadi bye il call u, adn he said ok byyyye ( said byue slow and soft it was so cute ).


i called him around 4 today and it was a little awkward, but he di give me his real number ( i was nervous about that lol ) and we talked for a little bit and he said where he was gunna be next week and i siad i would go there.


so my question is, do u think he likes me? or is he just playing to look cool in front of his friends. he seems so nice and i think i really like him. I dont even kno what he look slike, ii just like his persobnality. i have never felt that way before i always go for looks.


well please reply. thanks. lata

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LOL thats sounds like exactly what my friends and I did last night! We were yellin at girls at a local cruise strip. It is fun and a good way to meet some people. I say if you like the guy, go for it! Let him chase you a little first though so you know he isnt just playing you. If he calls you as much as you say he does, he must really want you,,,,seriously! I mean most guys dont even call the girls they really do love let alone the ones they dont even know! So I say he is into you girl!!!



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