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Bringing it back from the well of memory


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There is something about the new chillness in the air, the presense of autumn, just the aroma and flavor of a mug of coffee with cream. An older, college-going boyfriend bringing me to his morning class, the newness, my excitement with the peek into his world, a world I hadn't yet arrived at. Because of these cues, I am reminded of a person from my past, an experience that occurred five years ago this time of year. He changed me forever. He had me in a time when I was changing, molding, learning and absorbing so much of life that surrounded me. I was 17 then. Does anyone else get nostalgic about old experiences, a relationship from an earlier and easier time, at this time of year? Memories warm my heart, but it also hurts sometimes to reflect upon times long past.

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Hi Lauralied,


We all get flashes of memories both good and bad from our pasts. At times, they can make us feel a whole range of emotions, sometimes welcome ones, sometimes not. What is important is that as you develop yourself, you learn to take the good with the bad, and you learn and get comfortable with your past experiences so that you can shine and prosper from the knowledge that you receive from each and every situation experienced.


I hope you have a good Autumn

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