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We broke up..after 2 years..on the phone...now what??? Help

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My bf and I had been together for almost 2 years, it would have been in exactly a month. We kept fighting recently, almost constantly, and my thoughts of breaking up were more and more frequent. But last night, we got into a fight because all day hadn't been going good, and my friend was coming over. He was mad because we couldn't talk, and he said I didn't care about him at all to even try and fix it. So...we just broke up. I don't even know how it happened, all of a sudden, we were. And then he kept saying, well, since you broke up with me, you hang up. It was the phone was the only thing keeping us together. Finally, my friend came and I had to hang up...so I did.


Now I feel like all of it could have been avoided had I said something different. Part of me wants to be with him because I love him and I haven't known anything else for 2 years of my life. But part of me knows it was the right thing to do.


I want to know if he's alright. I want to know what he did last night. I want to know so much, and I know I can't call him. Should I call? What do I do? For once I don't have the answer, and I really am lost...I've abandoned all my friends, we have a class together, his face is everywhere...what do I do?

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You two will talk again - it can't just end after 2 years with a hang up and that is it. But if you know it's for the best, and you're not wanting to "fix" what you had together - that it should end and you both shoudl move on - then you have to be strong and you can't play with his emotions by calling and wanting that closeness with him.


He'll probably call today or this week sometime - and if not, you can call him in a few days and talk about it. Be prepared to be strong though, if you know what it is you want - that you want to move on - be strong and end it. If you don't know what you want, then tek the time to decide how you truly feel.


IT's always hard to move on - let go of something that becomes comfortable. That is why there are so many BAD marriages - because people are too scared to be alone and find something that would make them happier - all they know is their relationship with this person they are with - and after 10 years of marriage (or 2 months), kids, whatnot - the problems that once existed are still there and come back 10 times stronger.


you have some decsions to make - listen to your heart.

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