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am i heartless ?

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when my dog died i had since i was in kindergaten and i was a sophmoore in highschool i did not feel one emotionmy mom my sister were in tears i even carried her body to the car to get her disposed of

later i over heard my sister and my mom talking my sis was in tears and saying how she cant believe how heartless i was and recently my grandpa was dieng and my family was all upset again i didnt feel a thing but i have loved before and i've had heartbreak what does anybody think of this ?

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i dont think you are heartless. every one has different ways of handling death & stuff. some people get angry, sad, or even feel nothing. it might not even have hit you yet. my cat ran away last year, & he was the best cat in the world. it still hasn't hit me yet that he is gone & i don't know why. im the kind of person who cries over EVERYTHING sad. just don't let what your sister said make you feel like you are heartless, she just doesn't understand that everyone has different feelings.

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Carbine is right. People deal with grief and pain in different ways - it's not for others to say that you're heartless. You know you care.


Personally, I'm incredibly detached I guess - I haven't shed a tear for nearly a decade but I can remember the last time I did, it just burst out as everything caught up with me. Recently, I came through cancer and thought absolutely nothing of it - it was like it happened to someone else. I acknowledge that I probably need help expressing my feelings - but no one can say I don't care.

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we don't have control on our feelings, so it shouldn't make you feel bad. believe me when you start to cry you just wish you could stop. i guss when we have known a real heartbrake we don't want that to happen again and we try not to get too emotional with things. it's not that we're heartless, we are just more distant to prevent sadness...

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