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NEED ADVICE ABOUT A FRIEND(or whatever she is)

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Hi there I will try and keep this as short as possible so that you dont get bored!! Well I have been dating a guy now for 4 years and we have been having problems. Well I caught him talking to one of my girlfriends behind my back through email. It turns out that he was talking about me and how he had a crush on another girl. Well my "friend" never told me about it and I was very upset. So I dont trust her at all anymore. Well we got in a fight about it and I havent talked to her in a while. She messaged me a few days ago and wants to talk again I am still unsure of the situation. Well it turns out that she is talking to my bf again...what should I do? I dont trust her AT ALL! He just says its nothing....well ther it is!! Thanks!

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