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is it normal, in your twenties, to feel so utterly confused and distracted all the time? my life feels so unstable, so unpredictable. i miss high school, when everything was routine, i had no worries. i had my small group of friends, i had my homework assignments, my bedroom, my family, my dog. everything was so SIMPLE!!


now, i am about to graduate medical school. i have friends from high school, college, medical school. i have a wonderful boyfriend. i have a lovely apartment. i finally feel confident about my body, my self.


so tell me WHY on earth do i feel so nervous all the time? so anxoius? so lost? its almost like i have too much going on, too much to think about. i feel like im balancing 20 spinning plates and one might fall at any second. i wish i could just appreciate all of the great things in my life and be happy. but i often find myself feeling totally overwhelmed by everything and longing for the good old days when things were simple.


i fantasize about the next few years, when i can be married, have a child, live in a house out in the suburbs, have a stable job and a salary. i know this sounds terrible, but i feel like i have TOO many friends and i want to cut back.


i feel like ive spread myself too thin. too many people to please. too many obligations to fulfill. sometimes i want to just move away and live in a little log cabin in the woods!!


i know, i might sound nuts to some of you. BELIEVE ME i am so grateful for all of the wonderful things that i have in my life. i just am looking for a way to take a step back, appreciate it all, and stop feeling so lost


thanks all



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You are going into the medical profession, so you are obviously a care giver.


Have some of your friends sensed that, and only come to you to help with problems, etc.?? If so, these would be the ones I would cut back on.


Considering the enormous task you have undertaken, your REAL friends will understand that you don't have unlimited time for them.



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Hey there,


It sounds like to me you have been doing what others want you to do or do what you THINK others think you should be doing. And now, you feel empty and unfulfilled at the moment. It happens all the time.


What do YOU want to do? Think very carefully before answering.

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you are right. i spend alot of time pleasing others, its become second nature to me and im realizing that its a totally unhealthy way to live. whats worse, this translates into me ALWAYS worrying what others think. its such a weight on my shoulders....

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Hey there catgirl,


I am very guilty of pleasing people and after a while, when your needs are neglected, you start resenting.


So, I have been working on what I want to do and to heck with what everyone else thinks. You will be surprised at how much people do not care when you tell them no. However you or I always think they will hate us or something. Not true. They get over it.


Start doing what YOU want to be doing, it is YOUR life, YOU have to live with your choices, not those whom you are trying to please.


Take care.

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