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  1. Thank you to everyone in the forum. I'm happy to hear people have found love without kids. And Batya33, that's a great point about bearing the responsibility of caregiver to a spouse's family. I've definitely wondered myself what it would be like if a partner got seriously injured or ill, would I be able to handle it. I don't know. But I will try to keep that in mind as well going into the future.
  2. Thank you boltnrun! That’s very sweet. It just gets very challenging sometimes. Other than him, I don’t have any other friends. It gets harder to believe when you don’t have friends around you seeing the things you cannnot.
  3. It’s not really an issue. We’re in a good place and I’m happy about that. I just came on here to ask about other people’s experiences.
  4. When I was on Bumble, I did mention that. I never had a lot of success in general with online dating, but I'm pretty firm on my stance. I'm happy to hear about your brother though. Good to know people who don't want kids can find each other.
  5. Thank you SooSad33! No, he's not pushy at all. He knows that I just want to be friends and he respects me. I just wonder sometimes if that's difficult for him, but he's never made it an issue. I agree we're best as friends and I'm just happy to have him as my friend. I hope he is too!
  6. I don't want to have kids. I've never been comfortable around children and I don't care to have the responsibility. But it's definitely hard to find a partner that doesn't want kids. If you don't want kids, has it been difficult for you finding someone who doesn't as well? And how has your life been without children? Do you feel it was the right decision?
  7. So this is an interesting story. I went on a forum last year because I was struggling with loneliness and depression. I just expected to talk to people and help them with their problems. What I didn't expect was to find a true friend! We became buddies over the course of our messages and we genuinely care about each other. I've even met him on Zoom so I know he's legit. He's the kind of person I know I can depend on even though we live in totally different states. Originally, he found me attractive. While I was flattered because I had never gotten male attention like that before, I knew I didn't feel the same way in return so we've just stayed friends. That hasn't changed for me, but I want to know, do you have a friend that finds you attractive but you don't feel the same about them? Are you still friends? And how do you deal with not reciprocating the feelings? Sometimes, I feel a little guilty, especially because he's a great person and I think he'd make a great partner. But I'm also glad I don't because I wouldn't want to lose my friend if a romantic relationship didn't work out.
  8. Hi there, Nice to meet everybody! 😊 I'm new to the forum. I'm actually on another forum for mental health, but I came here because I wanted to focus more on relationships. A little about me: I live at home and work a part-time job tutoring English and reading. I'm a big movie buff. I'm also a Pokemon fan. For many years I've struggled with OCD and depression. But I'm most insecure about the fact that I'm 27 and I've never had a romantic relationship. I've never even gone on a date. For online dating sites, I've only ever tried Bumble and while that did give me some hope that I could be attractive, nothing panned out. See I was born with a birthmark on my nose and lip called a hemangioma. While I've had 11 surgeries to correct it, I still have some scars. I would say that they're not that noticeable anymore, but they must be to some degree because guys don't show much interest in me. Has anybody here struggled after getting reconstructive surgery with finding a partner? After my last surgery, I haven't been happy with the way I look. But it would cost too much money and stress to have another one. What do you do when you know you're not content with your appearance, but there's not a lot you can do to change it? And have you found success in love?
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