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  1. Good for you man! Sounds like a great experience you are having with her so far, I wish you all the best. My advice for what it's worth is to stay cool and not be fussing over her too much. I'm not sure girls respond to feeling overwhelmed with that and guys that are too keen lose some appeal somehow. Also, maybe have some plans for the future or something you're striving for, be it a career, mastering a musical instrument, travelling to a certain country, whatever - girls seem to like guys with a focus and some utility. Maybe you could find that thing together? Good luck dude.
  2. Agree he shouldn't follow naked insta models of whatever publicly. That's just a bit weird. What would his mother think? 😉 If you are saying that you can't be with a guy that looks at porn, then that is of course up to you, but you should know you are limiting yourself to about 10% (at a guess) of the male population. What is more likely to happen is you get a new bf who tells you he doesn't watch it, when really he does, he just keeps it private, like most men do. This will just make another problem for you which will be trust issues. edit - dammit. Old thread! Never min
  3. trust your gut. I'd say leave before you have too much invested in the relationship
  4. Your *** is fine and well within statistical norms! It's all about you confidence in yourself. I watched a fascinating interview the other day about a guy (he prefers being referred as male) who was Intersex. He must have had a tough time with life, but his confidence and swagger is so alluring that he just makes his situation work. If you're interested - Google "intersex lad bible" it's on youtube I'm not saying there is any direct comparison between you and him, it's just the lesson that no matter what you were born with, with the right attitude you can make it sexy as hell. G
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