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  1. sorry i missed the last text. HIM: thank you MY NAME, i will let you know.
  2. also, in january when he broke up with me. he told his mother about the argument and break up after we decided to continue, his mother called my mother saying "this time its all Sensitevegirl's fault" (my fault), but my son decided to give her a change". and my mother said i dont know what happened, my daugter didnt tell me anything but i believe in a relationship its always two people contributing toward a problem (something along those lines). snce than his mother was not the same towards me. and my parents and friends think his mother plays a big part in this break up. they think sh
  3. UPDATE: First of all thank you all for your precious suggestions, opinions and advices. We broke up last friday, he deleted me from his social media platforms and all hour pictures on monday. and tuesday he messaged me the following: — HIM: Hi, i am just giving you a head up, ill be moving out probably by the end of august to another house thats cheaper, so you can come collect your stuff before that or I can move your stuff to my new place and you can collect it whenever you come (but i know you don’t want that). + i will probably go back to london sometime in july, if you want any
  4. It is not an arranged marriage. It was by chance that when we meet in teh UK with my fiance, we found out his stepfather is our family friend for more than 20 years. My father and his stepfather are really good friends and talk often, go to hunting etc. After months due to covid, we visited them on Thursday, they were inviting us for long time, but we waited for lockdown to be lifted and our eye infections to pass. Traditionally, families are important to us. But we always made sure asking each other if we want to meet up in our houses, in case one or the other doesnt feel comfortable.
  5. Just to add a few points, on Thursday night we visited my fiances mother and step father with my parents, he was so happy, he told me im his future wife and he cant wait to have kids and be a big family. and just 5 days before during the weekend, he told me he had one of the best weekends with me and he is so happy to have me in his life. if this is the case, then how come you behave like this? i feel played a little bit. we broke up on friday. today i wake up to see he removed me from all his social media platforms, deleted our pictures also deleted my mother. his mother also deleted our enga
  6. Hello, Three days ago on Friday I (30 F) broke up with my fiance (29M) and I want to get some oppinions on if it was the right decison or get second opinion about if I was wrong to do it. It was my mother's birthday on Friday and he came to visit in the afternoon. My mother and father had a plan to go to a trip on Saturday to a two hour city to a monastry because me and my father had a very bad eye infection and my mother made a vow (its a cultural thing) "when my husbands and daughters eyes recover i will visit the monastry". anyways. they said to me tell your fiance and lets go all tog
  7. Thank you Rose. I never shamed him regarding his previous sexual/romantic relationships. Whenever we spoke about these things, I just listened. And the reason why I wanted to know about his sexual or romantic interactions with Hannah is because he was clearly withholding information and lying which made feel insecure. "Why is he doing that?" I asked myself. I even thought he still has feelings for her? Why? because he was being shady about his past. If she was in the past why cant he tell me the truth I said. Since they have been having sex for a long time sex must be so good, what i
  8. She had sex with my bf OR my bf had sex with her when she had a boyfriend.
  9. He told me he had sex with her last year and in 2017. That was the lie I am talking about. He had sex with her since 2014. And that's why all the history and dates came up, I asked him to be honest with me. I wanted to understand why he lied to me. I didnt give him any reasion to lie. Never judged or criticised him before.
  10. I am not changing history. its just that with him I speak in Greek and when you translate it might be not what I told him in Greek. I told him to tell me the truth about her instead of telling the half truth. Thats what I meant by "I said to him to tell me everyting". I can always handle thr truth after processing it and thats the reason I post here. I am reading and processing what everyone is saying.
  11. @ Billie28 If he thinks I am judgemental, then why didnt he dumb me and instead hided information from me just so I can continue being with him then? Is it to much to ask transparency in a relationship? I dont understand.
  12. I didnt ask for a narrative of his dating life or all details of his encounters with that girl. I didn't require details, he maybe overshared. I didnt need the details about her having sex with all his friends. all I wanted was him saying they were seeing each other on and off for couple of years as it can be clearly seen from his social media account - instead of him lying to me. I just wanted to know the basics, and that he trusts me with his past. I also wanted to know that he can talk about anything without it getting weird. If we cant openly talk about anything then whats the point?
  13. because he seemed to be lying and I wanted to know why.
  14. Me (28) and my boyfriend (27) have been in a relationship for 7 months. We both live in London and we are from Greece. He told me he was single for 8 years before me, meaning there were girls he was seeing during this time but he never asked any girl to be his gf. And one day he also told me that last time he had sex was May 2018 and it was with a girl called Hannah who he was previously seeing. He said it happened when he visited Greece for a week, Hannah messaged him, they met up, both got drunk and had sex. A week later when he got back to London, he found out that Hannah had sex with h
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