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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions. I haven't consulted a professional yet. I'll try to find one this week. I have lots of loving friends and I love them dearly. I also have a friend who's a neighbor. I enjoy talking to them but sometimes my introvert side kicks in and couldn't wait until I can be alone again (sorry if it sounds so confusing). I also have been in dating apps and it just disappoints me most of the time. Maybe I'm just not that attractive or appealing to the opposite sex. I met one once and I'm still friends with him until now but he seems not that interested in me (but i
  2. I feel lonely. I just really want to let it out. Been feeling under the weather for quite a while now, even before the year started. I am 33 years old and I've been living alone for a good 4 years. Been single for a length of time. As an introvert I love the freedom of living alone, but lately, I get so tired easily all the time (even after getting a deep long hours of sleep). I've been doing retail therapy, art, music, movies and food and it frustrates me how at the end of the day I'd feel the same. (But as of the moment I ordered a mediterranean dessert to this social me
  3. I've been getting it a lot actually probably other ones are innocent questions like what others are telling but I can't be too trusting because I don't know anyone in where I live in a deeper sense that I'd be protected when something crazy happens. Yes thank you. I'd definitely will try to ask why they want to know next time see what answers I'll get and then avoid giving them answers lol.
  4. exactly whats on my anxious mind! right? so this one guy deactivated his account after I left his questions up for 12hrs unanswered. creepy af
  5. You're right. I just couldn't be too trusting when asked about these kinds of stuff but I'd definitely want to try to meet up and maybe get to know someone in person but I'd ask a friend to come with me on a first meet (just not in my place because my guards are usually down where I live) This is a great idea and I'll definitely put this to practice. Thank you so much!
  6. Exactly! thanks! I just can't find the right words sometimes and I'm afraid I'd sound inviting if I'd give them a mysterious answer. But I'll take this maybe think how I can creatively dock the question
  7. Thanks! I'll probably have to practice saying this. I usually just ditch the conversation altogether whenever that question comes up. Sometimes its a bummer because there are other guys I've already liked talking to and then they asks me about where I live. I wonder if I'll ever end up with someone with this type of reaction all the time lol.
  8. Thanks so much for your kind response. With regards to your question, I dunno I guess I'm just really uncomfortable when a stranger asks me about those stuff especially if I'm just trying to get to know them first. Is it just me?
  9. Hi, so I've been exploring dating apps and I have been getting a lot of messages from guys there. One thing that is challenging for me to answer are questions like "who do you live with?" or "how many do you live with?" because to me, it's kind of predatory (please correct me if I'm wrong). Why are men asking these types of questions? Is there any way to politely decline or dock this question without sending a negative vibe? I'm merely there to get to know people first before I disclose these type of information as I value my safety and privacy.
  10. the most unbearable pain lasted for the first 3 weeks. Of course it would be up to you if you want to wallow in that situation. As for me I really have some series of waves. I usually start by deciding as soon as I wake up that I NEED to move on because if I let that pain get me the moment I wake up, it will be terribly hard to get off it. So many things will come flooding in my mind and it'll be so ugly and painful. Oh and it will be much better if you maintain the NC status. It's actually for ourselves to be OKAY much sooner than expected.
  11. I dont know about not giving me false hope. I think he actually is giving me that because he wasn't clear when he left. It feels like he is keeping me hanging with some of the hope left. My stuff is still in his apartment. He has not made it clear to me to just give it up. His last messages are so cryptic. I really just want to be over him and I am willing to let go if he really want me to. He could've just done it in a better way than deciding to leave me behind over a text message and all and.. Oh great I'm overthinking again..
  12. Okay some of you guys already know my story. My ex and I dated for 7 years and we have different religious belief which did not matter for the past years and did matter now. We broke up because of a lot of his issues with himself and alas he mentioned that he could not go on anymore because he it is unfair for the both of us. He did want me to convert to his, but at the same time he knew it would not be good for me because I will never be happy if I would only do it for his sake. So okay, it crushed me and I was given no choice but to accept his offer because he had told me such things like "h
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