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    Crafting Healthy Habits After Age 60

    With retirement comes the opportunity to live life differently and learn how to cultivate new habits at any age, even after the age of sixty. While we often think of age as a limit to reinventing ourselves, it is possible to create positive lifestyle changes regardless of age. Whether it’s adopting a healthier diet, practicing better self-care, pursuing creative hobbies, or volunteering in the community, these tips can help guide you in making sustainable habits lasting far beyond age sixty.

    To start, ensuring there is balance in all that we do is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Making sure to structure days with adequate rest and activity, such as walks in nature or gentle yoga, helps to provide a sense of purpose and uplifting energy. Having designated times for relaxation such as reading a good book and putting the digital devices away allows for the mind and body to actively reset.

    Similarly, developing an awareness of what triggers emotion is another sound way to create change and foster healthy habits. Establish an reflective routine to help identify triggers, thoughts, and emotions that influence our moods. Journalling or tracking ideas and feelings during the day with a notebook or journal offers insight into one’s inner dialogue and can inform better decision making.

    Next, some suggest comfortable and achievable goals when beginning the process of creating new habits. This can be as something small, like committing to taking five minutes of breathing exercises each day, to larger commitments like setting intentions for a creative project. When changes, big and small, aren’t overwhelming, then they can become something incorporated into one's daily life.

    At the same time, it’s important to remain open to the flow and ebbs of emotion that come with any transformational journey. Guilt and shame could arise as transitioning habits can feel uncomfortable. Allowing space for grace within this process and showing forgiveness to oneself are integral components when committing to healthy changes.

    Surrounding oneself with others who are similarly motivated and engaged in creating positive habits is also beneficial. Connecting to communities online and finding mentors who have a mutual curiosity in growth can attract like-minded individuals for advice and support throughout the journey.

    Finally, nourishing one's self with nutrition throughout our more mature years is essential for forming healthy habits. Incorporating vitamins and minerals helps the body to stay balanced and aids in managing chronic illnesses if present. Eating low-carb, whole grain, and antioxidant-rich foods helps the body absorb necessary nutrients and strengthen the immune system. Adding in herbs, nuts, and spices to grains and meals is a great way to boost flavour without additional refined sugar and sodium.

    Crafting healthy habits after the age of sixty is completely attainable and will inevitably lead to a greater level of wellbeing. Balancing demands and expectations, taking note of emotional triggers, setting manageable goals and being forgiving of themselves, connecting to supportive communities, and nourishing the body well can help anyone create improved lifestyle habits, even after the age of sixty.

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