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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    What Do Women Really Notice on a First Date?

    We’ve all heard it. The first date often reveals whether two people really like each other or not. As women, we’re on the lookout for that special something, so when we’re on a date, there’s a lot at stake. We’re desperately trying to find out if the man next to us is the right one. But what is it that we're looking for? What are we paying attention to when we're on a date?

    Of course, making a good impression is important, and things such as hygiene, clothing, and charm can certainly make a difference. However, there are so many other silent details. It’s about little moments during the night, certain gestures, sincerity, respect, and attentive listening.

    Body language also plays a big role in a positive first date. Women, especially, pay much more attention to subtle body language cues. Research confirms that 95% of our communication happens non-verbally. If he speaks with his arms crossed and his back rigid, this sends a non-receptive vibe. Whereas if he leans forward, open poses, and if his body is taking up space -- then you already know it’s going very well.

    Being animated with eye contact and maintaining a positive mood also adds points, but perhaps the most attractive trait of all is when a man listens carefully, validates her feelings, and is engaged in the conversation. Head nods, gestures, and sounds of empathy, such as “mmhmm” or “Oh yeah” will captivate any woman. Not to mention adding compliments and expressing interest in the stories she tells.

    And finally, the use of humour can play a vital role in ensuring a successful first date. Women tend to respond positively when men take risks and demonstrate their wit. Making lighthearted jokes and having laughter during the date will ease the mood and create an unforgettable memory.

    Women don’t need grandiose gestures to feel secure, just a conscious effort to make her feel valued won’t go unnoticed. Making the first date a positive experience surely increases the chances of seeing each other again.


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