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    Natalie Garcia

    How Do I Tell if She Likes Me As a Boyfriend?

    Dear eNotAlone: I recently met this amazing girl and we've been texting for a few days now. We're getting along great and I think I might have the guts to ask her out. She seems like she would be a perfect girlfriend for me, but I don't know for sure if she has the same feelings for me as I do for her. I'd love some advice on how to tell if she likes me as more than just a friend.

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    When trying to determine if a girl likes you romantically, there are several key things to observe and pay attention to. One of the most telling signs is whether or not she flirts with you. If a girl likes you, she will subtly drop flirtatious hints throughout your conversations, from making a few jokes to subtly complimenting you.

    When a girl likes you, she is also likely to show extra interest in what you have to say. Does she often interject your conversations with questions or positive feedback? Does she ramble on about the things you've said to her even when the conversation has shifted to a completely different topic? If so, she might certainly be interested.

    Have you noticed her trying to spend more time with you than what would generally be considered "friendly"? If so, it is a sure sign she likes you more than just a friend. Have you noticed any noticeable changes in the intensity and duration of your conversations since you first connected? For example, when did your conversations shift from short and surface level to an extended and meaningful connection?

    Look for verbal cues too. When girls like you, they often subconsciously use more positive language than usual when around you. Does she often speak about topics you both have a shared interest in, or even go out of her way to learn more about your hobbies and other interests? A girl who likes you will also likely use pet names when addressing you such as "honey" or "stud".

    Another important factor is body language; does she often maintain eye contact with you during conversation? This is an indication that she is interested and eager to spend time with you. take note if she has recently gone out of her way to do something special for you or if she has given you any unique or meaningful gifts as a token of her affections. The best way to decipher her intentions is to simply ask her. Even though it can be intimidating, the worst she can do is say no, right? this will provide you the clarity you need in order to make informed decisions.

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