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vaginl bleeding

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Hey Guys!


I take birth control pills and I know it could cause spotting. It started as spotting 2 weeks ago and then it got a little more intense. Today I got my period (I can tell cause I finished pills for this month and also I got cramps). I'm worried though. I'm not sure what caused the bleeding. I don't feel any pain during sex. If it doesn't stop by thurs I'm gonna go to the doctor. I don't have an insurance though and I'm just worried that they will have to do the tests and it's gonna be expensive.


If there are any women that experianced similar symptoms please let me know what you think.

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hey..i took the morning after pill a few months ago which is basically a high dosage of a birth control pill & one of the sideeffects of it is also spotting which i thought would be like a little here and there but like you it started off a little then got heavier and this lasted for about a week and a half until it actually turned into my period.. it finally ended after two & a half weeks and the next time i got my period it was completely normal so it seems as if youre okay.. but if youre still nervous try a doctor it cant hurt.. feel better!!

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Hi Lucia,


I used to get spotting before my period sometimes when I was on the pill: it came on suddenly, I didn't have it from the beginning. Now I have a copper coil, and I sometimes still spot in the week after my period.


Since you had increasing spotting leading up to your period, it sounds like it's just your own cycle is out of whack, rather than an injury or anything like that.


It's a good idea to go see a doctor anyway: are there any free clinics you could go to or anything like that if cost is an issue?


take care,



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