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Recently demoted....need advice ASAP

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Hello... I am new here, and would like some advice on what has just happened to me at work.


I have been at my current job for about 8 months as a store manager for a large company. This is my first job of this nature. In my opinion, I have done a great job with completing paperwork, dealing with customers and all managerial duties that are necessary. This company has been through so many managers in this particular area and I am the only manager that has stayed for more then 6 months. Recently, I got a call from a superior to tell me that I am getting demoted because the store isn't productive as far as staffing and sales. In fact, two levels of superiors above me got demoted as well. Every one of my employees, as well as the superiors above have said that I do a great job in my role as a manager and have even said that I am probably the best one yet at this particular store. What is a good way of finding out the real truth as to why this happened, because nothing makes sense. I have never gotten writen up and was hardly ever told I was doing something wrong and when I was told this, I fixed it quickly. I was never given a chance to prove myself when the sales supposedly became unsatisfactory, so where I was my chance to improve the situation? There was no chance, just a phone call saying that as of Monday (this was Saturday) that so and so would be the manager and I would just be pushed down to full time with uncertainty to what my pay would be in that position. If there is anyone that could help me with this that would be great! Any advice would be helpful. Currently I am stuck in this position for 1 year, unless I get fired, or choose to pay back manager training costs. When I leave, how do I explain a demotion if this is permanent? What should I do?

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welcome to enotalone.


well, if two other levels of staff above you also got demoted, it doesn't sound like it was something that you did wrong. It sounds like the store wasn't thriving, so they decided to "downgrade everyone" to punish you all. great morale booster, huh?


Is there something you can do to help your store's profits increase?

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It doesn't sound like your at fault...just business politics. I say hang around about six months and see if sales start to go back up. A great thing for you to do is go through your department and see if there is any fat that can be trimmed off the budget. Make yourself and those under you look good by helping the company.

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Hi. that situation sounds difficult, but not impossible.


first, i would try and get in writing what our new title and salary would be. if the pay is too low and the position and responsibilities are not what you expected, then you might have to renegotiate, or get in writing from your supervisor that if you meet/exceed expectations, you would be repromoted or receive an increase in salary in 6-12 months. while salary and title are not everything, it could become this little bump in your career growth. however, this could be a good thing, too. depending upon how you look at it.


If your superviser cannot guarantee anything in writing, I might consider looking elsewhere.


if there is nothing in writing, a new contract, etc...there may be a possibility that you could be waiting a while for that increase and position and I might not be so inclined to stay. So, in that case, it's a gamble. since they demoted you, i doubt you are liable for paying them back should you leave, since they already breached the contract.


I am surprised they did not give you any warning or time or goals to increase productivity. i'm surprised that as a manager, you were not given specific financial goals that you were supposed to meet, etc...so you could evaluate where you were at with the company and also their financial health. well, sometimes you are the last to know too. and that would worry me.


if you stick around with current company for a long time, it may be difficult to explain on your resume, ie...let's say you didn't get repromoted...then, it would be difficult to word this on a resume without appearing like you are going backwards and haivn to explain in the cover letter.


however, if you start looking now...i believe you can write the original position...this is what you were hired at and have been doing for the past 8 months and also b/c they have not given you any indication as to what your new position or salary is.


However, you should be honest if prospective employers ask you why you are leaving.


i might respond with something like...i have thoroughly enjoyed working at my company for the past ??? months, ...etc..., however, they are in the midst of downsizing right now and our positions are being restructured, so the future seems uncertain. therfore, I would love to bring my excellent managerial skills to a company that has growth oppty.


highlight everything you have said here about your skills, ie...good reports from co-workers and supervisors, expectations that you met, etc...and bring some things in writing.


good luck!

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