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confused...what doe she think of me!!!

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well, there is this girl i have met , well, its totaly clear that im in love with her now but the proplem is i have no idea what she thinks of me, she is driving me crasy, one day she says that she want to talk to me and that i make her happy , another time she ignores me 100%, yesterday for example, we were talking about something kind of important and she stoped answering and it turned out that someone just came in , i dont know who but u really hate him, so she forgot totaly about me, like im not here at all,that made me go out of my mind espasily couse i was telling her something very crusal and she started saying i have to go, but she didnt leave and started answering every five minutes saying i dont know what, throw all the conversation i felt that she isnt even following what im saying, so i went totaly nuts, at 1 am i went in the car and drove for about 200 kilo meters even more, really crasy driving!!!!!!!!!

what is it with me?

what does she think?

any openion apreciated

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Hi there!!

Well she obviously a very Dizzy girl and i dnt think you should pay lots of attention to a girl like that ...as there are many fish in a sea...that will listen to you and will be worse while talking to...

on the other hand if you really think that you are in Love with that girl(BUT DO YOU REALLY?) then just try to play some games with her back...like dnt ring her for a while..or call her and then suddenly cut off the conversation saying that some other girl bagging you there and you need to sort it out immediately..then disappear for a few days...DNT RING HER...and if she really does care about you..she will do something about it...call you back or will be interested in whats happening in your life...so then you will know if she is really worth LOVING

Good luck

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