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How does one...open up?


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I realize that the majority of the time, I wish that I had something to heal myself....love, mostly; yet I also realize that family and friends are there, too. But I've never depended on them and that's not a good thing. I will alwasy try to deal with myself...and while it has worked for most of the time, there have been times it would have gone easier had I told someone. What can I do open up to my family and friends more? I feel at times shut them out, and life would be so much better if I did that.

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you should get to know them better.


heres a situation i encountered while reading some books. angry teenagers whose parents know nothing about them, normally treat their parents as a source of sustenance. they take their parents for granted and treat them as a sort of... atm.


i remember i've always treated my mum as my mum, and not a middle aged lady who has kids! one day i saw a picture of her when she was younger, and realised she was one of the "bullies" in highschool. after getting to know her how she was at my age, it shed new light for me... after that i was able to speak with her easily.


i'm not saying your an angry teen. just get to know the people around you and it might help you open up!

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The most difficult people to talk to are sometimes the very people who are supposed to be closest to us. I mean, here we are after all... choosing to confide to complete strangers than those with whom we live or see daily. Strangers may judge, but in this medium they are also words on a screen and it is possible to shut them out.


As for the people in our lives... well, it gets messier. But if you do want to open up to them, it will require moving out of your comfort zone. Granted, it may be daunting to go from zero conversation to a heart-to-heart. But start with one person.. be with them, say, by watching television together. You don't even have to 'open up' as yet... the idea is to be comfortable with them and gradually feel that you can trust them with your heart. With time, it gets easier.

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