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Criminal Instinct

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Pretty Vulgar, you can fill in the blanks.

Just me venting. I needed to blow off some steam today. I had a rough one.


Criminal Instinct


**** God, Where is he?

I’ve had friends die over hundreds and fifties.

That’s why I write this ****, so people feel with me.


This world is dyin’,

That’s why babies come out they mama cryin’.

You don’t believe me? I don’t care, I ain’t lyin’


When I die, I’ll be buried with a .357

Just in case St. Peter won’t let me in heaven,

All because that one night, I robbed 7-11.


That’s a sin? **** I was hungry.

All I wanted was some money for lunch meat.

I lost my job ‘cause my boss’ blood spilled on the concrete.


Stupid kids dyin’ because they can’t behave,

**** a hearse, we carry our dead straight to the grave.

Gimme some holy water, and watch how I bathe.


You can call me Satan,

All I want to do is expose those who are fakin’.

These politicians need to stop sleepin’ and try to awaken.


Stop killin each other.

Just because some time ago, he talked **** to your brother?

Don’t blame the media, where the **** was they mother?

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