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Help i found the perfect girl but dont know how to go about


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Is this a healthy situation to be in? Don't you think 'the other part of the world' is quite far for a date?


If not, you can continue chatting and mailing her. Do request a picture as soon as you can, and try some webcam chatting (never done it myself, but I guess it is better than a picture).


And don't be too disappointed, whenever you will meet her in realtime, no matter how long you spoke on the phone before, it will always be weird!

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awhh man, i don't mean to sound like an a$$hole or anything, but i have my doubts about this, internet relationships always sound good, becuase it's so easy to sit there and type, but what about in person, i think awkward situations would rise, not to mention, long distance is a factor, unless one of you are willing to move countries, then have fun, but i highly doubt it, you can't determine wheather or not this person is your soul mate by just talking over the net, you need to know what kind of chemistry you would have in person, the touch is the most important thing, if you don't got that special touch, then you don't have sh*t, i think you should stick to local women, internet relationships are never what they seem, believe me when i tell you this, speaking from personal expereince...trust me

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And in response to the original question AND simply_complicated's response......I'm engaged to the man I met over the internet, and know many, many other people who have met over the computer, and have wonderful relationships. (See SwingFox and Faeriechild's announcement, for example......) Simple as that. We've been together a little over 2 years, he moved in a week after I met him (granted, that was quick, but for us it worked) and we've never thought that the meeting was weird or not how it was when we talked on the computer/phone. It all depends on the person, same as in "real life." If there's truly something there, you'll feel it when you meet. If there's not, you won't. Same as meeting a blind date, or someone in a bar, coffee shop, whatever. Don't stress it, just enjoy what you have and if things go well, you'll eventually meet and go from there.

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