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Migraines...help please

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P.S. - if you try the Ultimate Iron, only use one pill a day with food for a couple weeks. Drink extra water so your body can process it. I'd also suggest a multivitamin taken with meal, but not same meal as iron pill.


Then after a couple weeks, cut down to one Ultimate Iron pill every other day.


You don't want to much iron. That is even more dangerous than to little.


The instructions on the Ultimate Iron bottle say to take several pills a day. Don't!!! That is way to much as I experienced.


Now taking iron is dangerous if you don't need it, or take to much. thereforeeee, you must go to the doctor and be evaluated for anemia and consult doctor.


If doctor thinks you are anemic, or borderline anemic, then start taking iron with the direction and consent of your doctor.


I can tell you that Ultimate Iron from health food store is vastly more effective than the iron pills you get by prescription from a pharmacy. I think that's because the Ultimate Iron pills include all the vitamins needed for body to process the iron.


Also, remember that the body absorbs and processes iron and vitamins best when taken with a meal and the body needs extra hydration for several hours after to process the stuff. If you don't drink extra water, iron will make you dehydrated. Same with many other vitamins. That's why I take my vitamins half at breakfast, and half at lunch, and drink water after and between meals. I don't take vitamins with dinner because I don't want to dehydrate while sleeping.


Also, some vitamins, and iron and C specifically, can upset or hurt your stomach, if you take on empty stomach. Only take with food.

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I don't get migraines THAT often - just about once a month. (I'm a woman, do the math My cycle is rather irregular, so taking folic acid or melatonin just at the same time each month wouldn't work, and I am lousy at remembering to take pills all the time. I react pretty easily to stuff, so I don't really want to take pills every day. I wonder if having melatonin or folic acid on hand when I feel one coming would work? (then again, I'd probably be snoring at my desk instead of banging my head on it Maybe I will try it anyways and see if it does disrupt an incoming migraine.


I used to use Exedrine (which has a lot of caffeine), but since cutting out Pepsi from my daily diet (and not drinking coffee), the last time I tried that I got seriously buzzed and very little sleep for two days.

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