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So what do ~I~ want for Christmas?

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hey guys, been a while. school's been going great and i have a (slightly) new girlfriend (we've been going out for a month). we're doing great and she's been over to my house and we "watched" a movie and we're with each other all during lunch and everything else and we can talk forever and so on.


anyways, i'm getting her a promise ring for Christmas (her friend told me she REALLY wanted one), so she's set. the problem is, she doesn't know what to get me for Christmas. i don't know either. and i haven't really suggested anything cause all i really need is her (yea, it's sweet. thank you.) and i told her that and she's like (because her friend told her what she's getting) "you're giving me something special and i want to do something special for you."


and as i said, i have no clue what i want so i don't know what to say.


any suggestions?

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i'd love for that to happen, but she's going to be gone for Christmas. she has family way up north and whatnot. she does make good cheese cake though...she gave me and her best friend (who always hangs with us during lunch) and those were good.


i've thought about that before and i'm not sure that would be enough for her...i told her nothing, but she insists. i'll tell her cheesecake and see what pops up. i'm open to more, tho

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If she wants to get you something of the same nature as jewelry.. There is always a watch. A wrist watch or even a pocket watch. Last year I got my boyfriend a pocket watch and had the back engraved for his birthday. Is that more along the lines of what she is thinking of?

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