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I'm not sure if this goes here...but I need help...


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I need alot of help right now...Theirs two girls that like me alot...And which ever girl I pick one of them is going to be hurt beyond belief...And I really dont know what to do. They both are awsome people...But I dont want them to be hurt... I seriously dont know what to do I dont want to hurt anyone its just gah. It seems any choice I make it's gona end up hurting one of them...

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Johnny - sorry for your position. Some guys joke about how awesome it would be to be in your shoes, but truth is, it's not very fun is it?


Well.....I doubt it's as bad as "hurt beyond belief" Not saying you're not a great catch or whatever, but let's not go over board.


1.) You don't have to chose either.

2) You can let her down easy....

3) Don't put off the enivatable. The longer you wait, the more it will hurt.

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