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Help!! Do I get involved?

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Ok so I have a slightly stange situation. Me and this girl, Lizzy, went out (dated) each other for a while, then just became gd friends. Recently someone has moved round here, Tom, we became friends. He met Lizzy and, i think she liked him a little, not completely sure, and he told me he liked her. So he as asked her out and they have been going out for 3 days now. Today I went with Tom to meet up with Lizzy, wen we met up He started to put his arms around her and stuff. He asked me to leave but Lizzy said no and asked me to stay, and told Tom that she wanted me to stay. They put there arms round each other and Tom started to put his hands on her backside and kiss her neck I went to leave them alone, and Tom asked me to leave, but Lizzy kept asking me to say. So despite how awkward it felt i did. Lizzy started to move and shuffle like she ws uneasy with wat Tom was doing, though I am not sure. I am just woried that Lizzy, who is a reli gd friend to me might be being put into a situation that she dosn't want. I don't want to get in the way if there is nothing wrongh, but I want to help her if she is not happy with wat he was/is doing. O we're all 14 btw. Gratefull for any help.

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What a great guy you are to be concerned about your friend. You will make a great boyfriend to a very luck girl. In the meantime I would let Lizzy know that you sensed she felt uncomfortable and remind her that she is a good friend to you and that she shouldn't do anything that she feels uncomfortable with.


After saying that I would maybe not hang around them as much unless there are others present. I see nothing wrong with you continuing your friendship with both of them, although it sounds like Tom is maybe trying to impress you by being all over Lizzy. Let their relationship run its course and try not to get involved. Don't put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, especially if you still have feelings for Lizzy.


Good luck to you.

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madwire - I think you did the right thing by staying. I think she wanted you to stay because she was uncomfortable - I think you read that right. Good for you for going with your instincts.


I know it may be kind of weird, but maybe you should ask her. I have a feeling she'll tell you the truth and I have a feeling you'll be a good friend to her and respect her wishes - which ever way they go.

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