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new job, feel like never coming back


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hello everyone,

i dont have much work experience yet, but its not the point.

the point is that im a quiet person, who sees work as something formal, unless you work in a circus, and i am very diplomatic.

i would like a job where i would do my job and wouldnt be bothered by stupid people and there stupid jokes that are told to bring you down.

So this office i go to, is one room with 4 others in there plus other people keep coming in all day long. all of them know each other. people there are weird, maybe its about this country. like as i said, i dont see office job like that, i see its as formal, but they are like eat right at their computers while clients can be there, this girl and guy would play with each other touching and laughing like kids, and they would make smartass comments about me, like jokes that ruin my self esteem. i see it as no respect cause i dont treat others like that. i am polite and nice to people but dont let myself joke about them unless they are my close friends. they dont understand that im new and deserve some respect. they dont bother to help me either, one girl is totally cold (and against) me, others dont show me much, so every time i am there i just count the time till the day is over and feel so bad that i never want to come back. I dont really have my work place yet and there is nothing i can do cause no one taught me or gave me to try it.

But i need a job, i have a plan to last there for 2 months to make enough money for my important plan. if it was easy to find another job i would, but it would take time.

So im stuck at this job (my friend made me go there to take her place), but i want some advice as how to handle people. I am naturally a very quiet person, its not like im shy, but i cant accept stupid jokes from strangers.

Plus there is a girl that is being a b, so any advice on how to handle all that?

thank you

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and they would make smartass comments about me, like jokes that ruin my self esteem. i see it as no respect cause i dont treat others like that.


i've been where you've been, but it was in a corporate setting. i always treat people with respect so for people to behave like that, it's very disappointing. the only reason i could of think of staying was for the money because i was paid pretty well, but money doesn't make the world go round for me, so the decision wasn't very difficult. i didn't even get a new job first, i just put in my 2 weeks and left (and it turned out to be one of the best decisions i've ever made in my life).


if you really want to stay for 2 months, you'll have to do a couple of things: a) find out how your coworkers tick, b) learn to fit in, c) grow a thicker skin. i'm a pretty shy, reserved person too so it's not natural for me to talk to people i don't know or try to fit in, but when "you're in rome, you do as the romans do." maybe try to make subtle compliments or joke around w/ them.

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thank you for your reply, that job is not a lot of money, like most here, thats why i need two months. that money is important since its to bring me and my partner together, whom i havent seen for months, so the only goal i see in the end is being with my partner and having fun. but while im in that office my positivism is low and i feel as i might not go back tomorrow.

ill try to grow thicker skin, whish i really didnt care about them (sometimes i do feel like that and its good), but here i feel like a weak worm, since its me entering their envorement and they are like enemies.

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Please take care to respect yourself in this situation. Respect your own boundaries. Do your own job to the best of your ability under the circumstances. What others do is of no real concern. What others say and do only upsets us if we allow it to. Perhaps you could use these two months as an opportunity to learn to lighthearedly assert your own boundaries.

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i couldnt bring myself to go there today i woke up and kept just sitting and sitting and i just cant go there. im not that strong. and i dont know what to do, i told my partner some about this difficult situation (not in details) and he said he is proud of me that im trying and handling it, so im afraid to fail in front of him and also that would make me not see him in december, unless i find another job today

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