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decided to move on, but

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he is my previous dilmema.



Last night I met with here I had decided I had to move on for myself and wanted her to know what I was doing, it became emotional again but I still stuck to my guns and told her I'm packing her stuff and moving on. What I came to realize in that conversation though is she is very confused and busy and she really is exhausted and stressed out, she did'nt really have time to reply to my letter with her business, no chance for time off and the kids, and even if she made time she doesn't really know what to say, I thought she was very tough and had no feelings but i'm realizing it is just a tough face she has learned to put on while she packs away all her issues inside, I left feeling really bad for the support she needed in our relationship and I didn't give her since I thought she was very tough and independent.

I was disappointed as strange as it sounds because I was set on moving on for myself, but I can't abandon her when she needs support. I know she doesn't want the support from me as I bring her bad memories as much as we had more good ones.

The good thing for her is when this first came out I suggested couselling and she said "I don't need counselling"

Last night when I said I have to move on and we have to divide up our stuff and whatever happens happens, she asked if I could set up couselling.

bad for me in a way but very good for her snd our relationship. I will be there for her at a distance a little longer until she works through the barrrier she has built inside.

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looking for some advice, I see her a few times a week when we pass the kids back and forth, she is pleasant and talks about some things she is up to and about the kids. I've been trying to keep my distance and not talk about our relationship at all. She wants to go to counselling alone the first time.

My question is should I send her a nice card or something so she knows I'm still interested or should I wait until after she see's the cousellor on the 25th.

I would love to go on a date or even just give her a hug but have refrained form all that.

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took the kids to my parents for supper sat night and she decided to come along, she also showed up at our place (where i'm living) to get some winter clothes (snow on the ground). she was pleasant and even brought some of her laundry to do(the first time since she moved out), so she wasn't in a big rush to leave. Before they left I offered to take them for lunch and she accepted, we had a great time and I never mentioned a word about anything to do with our relationship, I hope she's not just being friendly but I don't want to make any moves until counselling starts and our issues are being worked on beside I'm enjoying myself without the everyday rush of kids and family life. I want to get back together but without any issues and for life or not at all.

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