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my ex called me twice yesterday

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i wasn't home. he left no message. i called back after i came home, but he wasn't there (or didn't pick up) . i left a message, but he didn't call back.

should i try to call him back again tonight or not?

i sort of know why he called, but i'd like to hear it from him.

damn, i hate games...

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No I would say play this one coo... its in his court now to call you back. If he calls then he wants to talk, if not... well... you know that answer... have you tried the "no communication" approach to a break up... I am after a 4 year relationship that went under... and NC is the best approach... try it

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yeah i was nc for 9 days. then he called last week. he tells me how much he missed me and so forth. he said, he didn't know if he did the right thing (breaking up).

i know he called yesterday because he wanted to see me.

now, what the hell is his problem?

i can't figure this man out.

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