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So I thought I was all tough, but yeah I'm not.


My ex made contact with me because her sister is living in my town now. She lives around 350 miles away. When her sister came out here she called me all the time to hang out. Of course this gave my ex the chance to IM with me. She would IM a lot talking about football, what hotels she should stay at while out here, how much she missed my dogs, etc. She went as far to tell me what weekend she would be here. Well that weekend rolled around and I didn't hear from her or her sister. I know its not important, but why the heck would she mention dates and all that and not even call? It's really bugging me.


I'm 28 years old and I know I need to move on with my life. I could write a list of actions she took and you guys would think she is nuts, but this girl gets in my head and I can't shake it.


Thanks guys, I hope everyone is improving.

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