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Feeling left out with friends...

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Heres my situation, I was talking to one close friend of mine (a girl) and her whole day is planned out, like she has some class thing in the morning, something with her parents after that, then shes going shopping for some gifts, then she has a birthday thing to go to (she just said birthday thing but left out the name and I didn't bother to ask thinking i was being too intrusive already) and this is after I asked her what plans do you have for tomorrow...And NO this is not related to previous posts about a friend I liked.


So I was just wondering are all friends like this? Like do people's friends have plans with other friends that they don't really mention but when asked they'll mention "some birthday thing" you know and leave out the name etc. just to be polite I guess because I'm not close enough to her friend to be invited to the "birthday thing"?? Are all friends like this? Am I just looking at this too hard and NEED to get a life of my own...lol


I always wonder why I have so much trouble with friends....like do other people what their friends are doing when they're not with them or at home doing hmk or somethin like that? I always find myself trying to know what other people are up to and if people are just at home like me for some reason it feels better, I dont know??? Am I weird or do other people out there feel the same at times...and what can I do about this...


I'll add this in too>> even when I'm talking on msn or something and friends are taking a while to respond I always wonder what else they are doing/who else they are talking to. I remember once trying to sneak an answer of who the other person was talking to and when she had said ***** and ******* and me it made me feel more special and important. And at times they'll put a msg about you in their display picture or personal message and it just makes me feel good that they have something about me....I dont know it makes me feel that I actually mean somethin to them....I have been through pretty shallow friendships in the past which evapourated once I switched classes and the people werent in my class anymore.

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You may have low self-esteem. It's all good though a lot of us have that.


I haven't had much luck in the friend making area. I have about 4 friends that I talk to every couple of months, they have other friends and busy lives, plus I live far away from them now.


Maybe you need to keep looking for friends until you find one that is looking for a more dedicated friendship with you then the friends you previously had.


Good Luck


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