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flirting and teasing that's related to sex


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This Saturday's going to be big..a girl I've known for a few years blatantly told me that she was no longer interested in her date. She wants me to go with her on a hiking trip away from the city..just the two of us.


So now I have the opportunity to see where she's really at, (because she was vague about whether or not she wants another man in her life) and also to flirt with her in a way that goes beyond our usual conversations. I don't want to use sexual innuendos..instead I want to talk directly about sex, but in a flirtatious, humorous and non-offensive way. We're at the level where we can talk about anything, so the sky's the limit.


The hardest part is thinking up things that involves sexual stuff and her. She told me recently that she's a kiss-a-phobic because she's afraid of gettin "germs". Might be something to lightly poke fun at.

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