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A lot of women can only orgasm through one way of stimulation. For years i thought i was weird not being about to orgasm by penetration - until i realised most women can't. I think its the pressure and rhythm with oral, very hard to be too hard or rough unlike with fingers.


You're not alone, be grateful you can orgasm!! and enjoy!!

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Hi IrishGal26,


I just bumped into this thread and realized I'm a little late. Hope, you still get to read this.


During the past years I read a lot of books about female sexuality and found out that many women are worried about not being able to achieve an orgasm by penetration. (In fact statistically only 30 percent of all women can, and most of them claim, an orgasm by penetration may be emotionally more satisfying, but not physically. So I think, you're not going to miss too much).


In my own experience only few of my girlfriends were able to climax solely from vaginal stimulation/penetration. As far as I have realized, most of them had the best orgasms by oral, combined with carefully (!) massaging their g-spot. (Most women need their clitoris, labial/vaginal stimulation only deepens the feeling.)


To speak for myself (though I'm not a woman), I can really enjoy sex without having an orgasm. Actually I already had very satifying experiences without one and lousy ones with.

For me the mere fact of being inside a woman's vagina is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world (it makes me feel very close to her) and my own orgasm is only something like a "candy topping".


There are a lot of good books, one of them is the "Hite Report on Female Sexuality". It's a little bit old, but not old fashioned. It describes all aspects of female sexuality and I think it's the best way for any woman to find out she's completely normal.


If you don't mind to tell, can you have an orgasm by masturbation?

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