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I had only just started High School this year, expecting to start over and I basically did until I saw my ex-bf, who I haven't seen for 3 years.

Sure our relationship was pathetic because we were so young etc etc but he was my longest relationship and he was the first boy to break my heart (maye the only boy who broke my heart actually).

He cheated on me and when I found out we broke up and I decided to go NC.

So I haven't seen him for 3 years and suddenly he walks back into my life. I've been seeing him everywhere at school now, I keep walking past him and I think we both know who each other are but are just too scared/confused whether or not to talk to each other.

I just keep ignoring him and walking past him like I don't know him but I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not. My boyfriend is just as awkward within the situation because he doesn't know my ex but knows what he looks like and just the other day I was standing with my boyfriend and my ex pushed through us very slowly as though to say "I know who you are," or something.

I'm just very confused, all I want to know is, is pretending like I don't know him the best thing to do? Or should I maybe build up the courage and talk to him, maybe that way things won't be so awkward?


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Hey MB-


I would definitely talk to him, but first, talk to yourself about this. Why do you think you're feeling this way after 3 years? What do you want from the situation? Want to be friends? Just want things to be easier and not have any involvement with him? Still have feelings for him? What do you feel?


Do some serious soul-searching and build your foundation for a talk from those answers.

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