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My ex just completely broke it off

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Hi. I've known this lovely woman since October 17, 2003. Since then, we've ALWAYS cared about eachother. We've shared our deepest secrets, and we've been to hell and back, on MANY occasions. This past weekend, I spent friday after school with her, friday night, saturday night, and sunday night with her. I was the happiest man on earth. And now, she's telling me there's no feeling there anymore with her. and all she can say is "im sorry". Ever since the day I met her, I've NEVER been speechless after she had something to say. And tonight, I am. I dont know how to act. I am so devastated. I never cry about this, and im so close to just cutting loose. A few months ago, when she DID still love me, I didnt act on it. And this is what i get, for my mistakes. I deserve it all, and i would give ANYTHING to be back with her.


What do i do!?

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Well, you met he ron my bday.. so I feel compelled to respond.


I have been on the side of not having feelings... it sucks. But, the fact is, when the butterflies wear off then sometimes the love isn't there. Sometimes sooner.


I can gaurantee that she wants the best for you. I understand how you can be confused. you just have to know that it's not there for her.


It sucks... the pain is sharp. But, it's the way it is. At least she had the decency to tell you that and not pick some stupid reason.


She is in friend mode. You need to move on. As a friend, she should be able to give you all the closure you need.


It has nothing to do with your mistakes. You did nothing wrong. It is what it is.

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