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...she said her emotions were everywhere...

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That something felt like it was missing - that she was confused - that she didn't want to say anythign to me at all but didn't think that was fair to me. She wanted to get to know each other better - slow things down - she was all over the place.


After a great weekend together at the cottage - to the following weekend when she started treating me like I was some jerk...to telling me the above. She left my apartment that Sunday afternoon - over 2 weeks ago - and I have not heard or seen from her since!


Issues? Baggage? Head Case? I've heard them all.

I'm still a wreck though - how things could be going so well, and then out ouf nowhere she's gone. yesterday was my birthday - I thought I woudl get an email or a phone call - but nothing. I guess she's really gone for good.

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