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Wake up call


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Heres just some backround information...


Ive been with this girl for 1 year 7 months, broken up about 3 times. We are still going strong. We are both 16 yrs old.




For the last week I've been feeling down or thinking about my girlfriend A LOT mainly because of her sudden lack of attention for me. It started when school started, we've been at school for about a week and 1 day. Shes with her friends most of the time and I dont know how I feel exactly... well I want to be with her more than she wants to be with me at the moment I think. Should I just give her some space to give her some time to miss me a little bit? To give her a little wake up call...


We made plans for us to be together friday night but when she heard her friends were going out she cancelled with me and told me that she didnt remember planning anything with me (Not sure whether to believe that...) But I trust her... I just miss being with her a lot, like we used to. Thanks in advance just wondering how to go about this?

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Well all your problemsare stemming from how you're handling the relationship and thus she is losing interest. Lots of different reasons could be why, but 1st thing is it is not cool for her to cancel plans with you to hang with other people. Why would you accept taking a back seat to anyone? It shows a lack of self respect and this is a turn off to chicks.

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Sounds as if you're worth a better treat. Being in love is like having the flue. You cannot avoid getting it and it takes some time to get rid of it. Being in love is not related to whether or not you two are a match. This sounds like a mismatch. Don't blame yourself if she slips out of your hands. If she does, you couldn't ever have avoided it. Do not run after her. Even in these dark days: live an independent life. She may be an aspect of it. Or not. But your personal interests and other friends form the basis of both your life and of your attractiveness. If she comes, she comes. If not, then not. Bear the kisses from the past as golden memories.


Good luck!

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