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Im going to spoil this relationship...

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I'm in a relationship that I have been in for about 8 months now. we have lived together for about a month and a half now. At the start of the relationship this guy was very very hard work, he was doing his dissertation and didnt have much free time, and we only saw eachother about once a week, if that. He also has OCD, which at times can become a bit difficult. He has no sex drive and mine's very high, and it seams like he's not really prepared to meet in the middle. As things have become easier between us (realtionship, not sexually) and now we live together, i find myself taking all my stress and anger out on him.

Its so so silly, as it will be the smallest thing in the world, and i will blow it out of proportion, and i will end up winding myself up and shouting at him for no aparent reason. He is a very chilled out guy and just recently i have become a bastard. Im sure he is starting to get fed up with me, im getting fed up with my self. I love this man very much, and i want to do all i can to make this work, i just have no ides where to start helping myself when it come to this problem.

anyone experianced anything similar?



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At the start of the relationship this guy was very very hard work,


Freudian slip?


Sounds like you're really frustrated and that will make you angry right? Especially if you're not getting the intimacy you need. Are you communicating ok with him? If not it could be your unspoken words coming out in the anger.


Also "chilled" people can often be passive aggressive, and that can be incredibly frustrating but hard to detect.

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Don't feel bad. This is a very complicated time in your relationship. The OCD obviously is not helping matters. However, it could be the issue in your relationship. It effects him profoundly, and now it is affecting you.


Have you two tried couples counseling? If the two of you love each other I think it is worth giving it a shot.


I agree with Happytown for the most part though.

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