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Everything is sorted out!!

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I'm so pleased!


I just got to say, if anyone out there is needing to talk to their partner but are afraid of what their reaction will be, don't be afraid just do it, it's a hell of a lot better then letting it eat away at you.


Some of you may have read my old thread "Feeling a bit left out" and for those of you that did and replied I have good news, things have worked out.


This morning I left early to walk to my boyfriends house before school. He had no idea that I was coming but that's how I wanted it. When I arrived he was sitting on his living room sofa and his face looked puzzled as though to say "wow, I wasn't expecting you."

I sat with him and waited while his sister left the house so we were alone. Then I let it all out. I told him how I was feeling upset because he spends more time with his gay friend Aaron then with me. I told him how I have been feeling left out and very lonely and that I need him more than ever at the moment. I think he understood quite well, I ended the conversation with "do you still care about me?" and he replied "hell yes."

Then I got up to leave but he grabbed me and pulled me close, we kissed for awhile after that and spent time in each others arms and it felt good. I've missed being that close to him for so long and I never wanted it to end but we had to finish the sweet moment because of school.


I'm just very thankful he didn't get mad at me, thanks all that gave me advice! God Bless!

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