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I just graduated college a month and a half ago. Mailed out some resumes, put some online (link removed, link removed, etc) had one interview for a computer job- get my foot in the door and get some experience before moving up. Also signed up for geek squad at best buy. That one place I had the interview at- im basically in but im waiting for them to call me in to start- they are not taking anyone on right now.


I have been looking at some work from home jobs. Data entery, etc. Also saw something about advertising on your car- getting paid to do it. This is a good option for me full time right now then part time along with the computer job.


WHat do you all think about work from home jobs? Know any I can look into? And does it make sense you have to pay for them before you start?

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one of the biggest mistakes people do in the last quarter/semester of college is focusing on school and not the real world. it's tough to get a job the first time, but it's even harder when you're not in school.


try to see if you can still use the Career Center at your old college and take advantage of companies that come to campus to hire. cold calling/emailing without any experience on your resume is pretty much near impossible to get a job. you need to a) network like crazy (friends, family, anybody you know that is hiring), b) go out to job fairs, see people, talk to people.


home jobs are in most cases pyramid schemes or extremely low paying jobs that pay on commission. i wouldn't pursue that option.

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I picked up the yellow pages and started calling consulting companies. At every place I would ask to speak with an account manager or recruiter in the information technology field. I would tell them that I had just got out of college and was trying to scope out the market. Aks them if they had some time for a quick informational interview in person or just on the phone right then. What did they think were the strong skills, how is the marketplace, etc. Could they provide me with any contacts I might be able to call for more information.


Never mentioned calling them for a job. They would give me a couple names. I did this for two days and had about 15 solid names that I could call and actually say that someone referred me to them.


This was after about 6 months of doing odd jobs and being frustrated about the difficulty of getting into any place. After I did this, it only took 2 weeks to get my first real job. Of course, the Info tech market was *really* hot then.

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