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A period of no contact

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The whole story is here - in another thread.


Basically we'd been seeing each other on and off since we broke up. 3 weeks ago after probably a bit of hassling from me she said she didn't want any more contact for a while so she could get over things/heal. I'm feel so much guilt - things I should've done that I didn't, things that I could've done differently. She still means the world to me and I feel as though I'd be lifeless without her friendship, now that our relationship is no longer (it really wasn't working so we're better apart - I'm just asking for her friendship). This hurts/confuses me as I was confident things were going well as friends.


Not really sure where to go from here.. I'm worried that if we don't talk occasionally, she's going to forget about me and we're never going to talk again, or if we do, it's going to be weird (she's blocked me on MSN).

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ok dude, glad I came accross your thread because I was recently in the same boat as you....and i hope you can open your mind enough to genuinely consider the advice you get here and not let your emotions dictate your every action. first, you gotta show her and yourself that you are capable of not initiating contact with her for a 2 week period(the reevaluate). you gotta be able to show you are strong enough to survive on your own, and you gotta give it some time to make her wonder what is going on. right now you are probably showing her your cards without her having to divulge much to you. end that cycle, make it a fair exchange of feelings if you are going to share your thoughts.


as far as the friend thing goes, the worst thing you can to is to push it. if a friendship can happen it will develop - but only after you back off. my advice would be to not, NOT even say the word friends to her. I'll take a look at your story soon and see if i can offer any more insight...but for the time being give this girl the same level of attention that you would a previous ex of yours who you are over. good luck

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